⭐Neon Stars🌙
Kawaii forever



Cut away what you think you’re supposed to be

Were the ideals set in your head anything you wanted?

Did anyone tell you that it’s okay if you don’t fit?

Transforming, everything is changing all the time

The inbetweeners

The aliens

The not quite rights

All are welcome here

This is our space to just be

We can live there, nowhere,

Ghost glitter forever


Now you’re not “one way” or the “other”

You’re a chimera, a ghost

You’re the anti-anti

You’ll float where you please

Ghost Glitter is not doing well

Here somewhere, between

Somewhere, between

Somewhere, between



You’re your own standard of beauty

You own your body

You can just be

Let’s be something new


Take a deep breath

You’ll get through this